Hi Ryan!


We know you came all the way from San Francisco to Reykjavik. Could you explain us why you decide to move to Iceland?

Ryan Karazija : Well, I was in need of a change…and I had been traveling back and forth between California and Iceland for a few years. I decided that it was finally the right time to move somewhere and start over.

You former group, Audrye Sessions, was much more rock than your solo project: did you need something more intimate to play on your own?

I don’t know if I needed something more intimate necessarily, this is just what came out when I sat down to write this record. Nothing was forced and nothing was over thought. This was the easiest process I have experienced in writing an album. I also think it is the most honest thing I have ever done because of that.

It’s some kind of evidence that your album « sounds » like Iceland (as, in a way, Audrye Sessions sounded American): would those songs have been different if you settled somewhere else in the world?

No I don’t think so…but you never know. I think more than anything it was the change overall that helped shape this album. It was leaving something you have known your entire life behind, for something new. In a way it was a bit of a risk…but not really…I had nothing going for me when I left the states…in terms of music…I had lovely friends and family I left behind…but as far as what I knew I wanted in music…it wasn’t there…I was uninspired.

Your music sounds at once intimate, as we already said, but also ambitious, wide, like a music score of some kind of Nordic western. What process / method did you use to compose it and what do you think of this comparison?

Hmmm…well I don’t mind the comparison…I think it is nice. People always like to compare something to something else, so if that is what you think then GREAT My process was extremely simple. I would get an idea and then I would start recording…most of the song ideas I would get I would begin recording immediately, then when start to mold them over the next couple days. Some took only one day…then I would write with the melody in my head… then it was done. I never thought about what would or wouldn’t fit on the album. If it came out during these 4-5 months i was recording/writing, then I considered it for the album.

Would you say that you now feel more accomplished as a musician and songwriter with Low Roar than you ever been before? If the answer is yes, was it necessary to start all over again to reach this goal?

Yes I do…and I believe it was. At least in my mind. Almost like I was tricking my mind into believing that I had a clean white slate again. Sometimes that’s all it takes in life to get over stupid hang-ups you have that keep you from moving forward ».

More and more people are talking about Low Roar: did you expect such a positive feedback?

I expected nothing from this…so it is a wonderful thing! I am really thankful and looking forward to doing some serious touring in 2012.

You have posted few videos on youtube of you playing live. What is amazing is that you preserve the intensity of your music on stage: how do you do that?

I am not sure… I love performing live. Me and Júlíus (the other band member) , kind of slip into this weird zone when we play…these performances are extremely draining for me…almost like I need to sit down for a 1/2 hour after and get my stuff together. I really put 110% into all the performances. Sometimes things don’t always go the way you want and that sucks, but for the most part… when it is working, I get a feeling off of performing these songs that I cannot get from anything or anywhere else.

Talking about live, when will you come to France?

This year hopefully! Let’s make it happen.

Thank you for your answers and we hope we see you soon in Paris!

Thank you so much.